Participation at Sunday Market is by invite only. 

Only those who have been selected by us, can apply for booking a stall. 
We’re always looking for new people who want to sell their own designs and objects of art. Sunday Market selects participants on creativity, spirit, beauty, humour, originality, durability and innovation, but also those who have something to offer that’s just ‘plain great’. The aim is for participants to only offer their own designs or makes, but also special collections can join. 

Are you interested in participating and do you think you fit within our concept? 
Then fill in this form and we’ll let you know whether you’ve been selected to participate. After that, you can book a stall. Are you already known to us and receive our invitations?  To book a stall, fill in the form that is sent to you by email. 

Terms & Conditions (pdf; in Dutch)

I want to join the Sunday Market