Sunday Market - Shopping for Art, Fashion & Design


Next Sunday Market is on March 5! Get ready for Spring!

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Entrance is free! (12.00 - 6.00 pm)

Dates for the next few months:
5 March - Westergasfabriek
2 April - Westergasfabriek
7 May - Westergasfabriek
4 June - Westergasfabriek
2 July - Westergasfabriek
6 August - Westergasfabriek
3 September - Westergasfabriek
1 October - Westergasfabriek
5 November - Westergasfabriek
3 December - Westergasfabriek (Sinterklaas Market)
10 December - Westergasfabriek (Funky Xmas Market)

Visit also:

Museum Market: our designers market on every third Sunday of the month at the Museumplein.
Next edition is on February 19.

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